Take part in the twenty-fifth Salon ÉDUC

For this anniversary fair, we invite you to three exhibitions: Salon ÉDUC, Salon ÉDUCdir and Salon Livre Jeunesse.

For your participation to be a real success, select the show that is best suited to your activity.

Find out more about the 3 shows

Salon Éducation

Which show to choose?

Salon ÉDUC
Tools for teaching and education A national fair for French and Flemish speakers offering the full gamut of information, training and tools in the field of teaching and education.
Salon Livre Jeunesse
Publishers of children’s books The Children's Book show, Salon Livre Jeunesse, is a French language exhibition for the general public, bringing together publishers of children's books, albums and media for young people and related items, as well as organisations that support and champion books and reading.
Salon ÉDUCdir
Management of establishments and local authorities A national, professional fair (for French and Flemish speakers) offering useful products and services for effective management of schools or local authorities.

In 2017, there were over 240 exhibitors plus 200 conferences and 177 speakers.

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Take part in Salon EDUC as an exhibitor

Salon Éducation brings together Salon ÉDUC and Salon ÉDUCdir. These shows give the exhibitors a unique and exclusive opportunity each year to offer their products, services and activities to the entire Belgian education sector (both French and Flemish-speaking).

Would you like to exhibit at the fair? Download 2018 plans and rates

This is what the exhibitors have to say about the Salon ÉDUC (education) and Salon ÉDUCdir (senior management) fairs

Le Wolf – Publisher of Children’s literature

Salon ÉDUC is one of a kind in Belgium for its target audience. It gives us time and a space for meetings with our target audience, for whom we provide numerous themed and educational activities throughout the year.

Pourquoi venir à Bruxelles en 2018 ?