Participating sectors

All sectors connected with teaching, education and communities are represented by over 300 exhibitors

Salon ÉDUC exhibitors

Salon ÉDUC exhibitors cover all sectors connected with education and schools:

  • Institutions
    • Ministries, public and governmental organisations
    • Education authorities
    • Private organisations (associations, foundations, private companies)
  • Training and information
    • Formal training
    • Informal training
    • Extracurricular
    • Alternative teaching methods
  • Didactic games and tools
    • Didactic materials, methods and tools
    • School books, teaching manuals and publications
    • Software: theoretical tutorials or with exercises, web-based e-learning
    • Software
    • Materials
    • Multimedia devices
  • Special needs, health, well-being at school, environment
    • Health prevention, health education, well-being at school
    • Self-esteem
    • Special needs
    • Cognitive development: Theories and science of learning, neuroscience, cognitive sciences, IQ tests, multiple intelligence theory, topograms (MindMaps), etc.
    • Environmental education
    • Early-learning tools (crèche and kindergarten
  • Creativity (Writing, Drawing, Crafts and Music)
    • materials for writing and drawing (manufacturer and distributor)
    • Craft materials (manufacturer)
    • Musical materials and instruments
  • School trips
    • One-day trips (museums, attractions, etc.)
    • Overnight stays with or without lodgings
    • Transporters

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