Why exhibit at the Salon Livre Jeunesse?

We have decided to focus all our efforts on the relations between you, the book industry professionals and the education and childhood professionals.

The advantages of Salon Livre Jeunesse

Salon Livre Jeunesse aims to meet your needs as effectively as possible with, among other things:

  • the possibility of expanding your contacts with professionals in teaching, education and childhood (librarians, infant and primary teachers, teachers, educators, future teachers, inspectors, purchasers, etc.).
  • These influencers can then give better advice to young people and will be better trained to pass on to them a love of books.
  • The opportunity to reach out to more than 20,000 visitors interested in the world of childhood and often the parents themselves.
  • A space for expression and debate about children’s literature, its use in the classroom, its place in education and its importance throughout the learning process.

Around forty Belgian, French, Swiss and Quebecois publishing houses are represented annually. These include both large publishers and small publishers brimming with creativity.

Making them happy to read

Books and learning to read are, for every child, an essential step on the journey towards knowledge and culture. It is essential that each child be shown the joy of reading.

This role falls primarily to the parents and to education professionals – who may have had little or no training in the area – and to professionals in the book industry…

Salon Livre Jeunesse can increase their awareness. It encourages professionals to take on this role. Salon Livre Jeunesse gives them an opportunity to discover the rewards to be gleaned from children’s books, book-related activities, the multitude of themes that can be developed in the classroom and are broached in the books themselves… It advises, directs and teaches them.

The 2018 programme

Salon Livre Jeunesse is a highly effective way to promote children’s books in the education world and to have your books read in schools.

Once again, a campaign is planned for raising awareness among teachers on the theme of: “Making books your pupils’ best friends”. More than 20,000 education professionals and parents will be there to listen to your reading recommendations, leaf through your collections and discover your new items.

Classroom libraries, schools, printed or digital books, the integration of digital into literature… and also how to bring picture books to life in class, how to spark an interest in books in a crèche setting, what books to choose, how to use the right children’s book to illustrate a themed class, how to use stories to get a handle on life, how to tell a story, how to use kamishibai in class, how to use children’s media in class… these and many other topics will be discussed at the conferences and workshops.

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